See What's Blooming at Weegman Landscape!

With a wide selection of annual flowers and vegetables, perennials, shrubs, and trees, you're sure to find something special at Weegman Landscape & Garden Center.


Whether you are planting a vegetable garden or looking for a hanging flower basket, Weegman Landscape has something to offer. Annual packs and 4 1/2" pots are perfect for starting a garden, planting a flower bed, and designing your own patio pots and baskets. Get a jump start on produce with a tub tomato. Planted patio pots and hanging baskets are perfect for providing instant color to your porch or landscape!


Weegman Landscape carries sun and shade perennials hardy in our area. 

Trees and Shrubs

Weegman Landscape carries potted trees and shrubs to meet your landscaping needs. Evergreen, flowering, and decorative shrubs are available. We also carry ornamental, shade, and fruit trees.